What “Local” Means to Us

Being “local” has always brought with it a sense of pride.  We’re all here, in this beautiful part of Florida.  Together.
But for us, it has always gone deeper than that.  From the very first day we started in this business, our focus was on serving the local community, who became like family over the years.  Even when we expanded, we did it based on what that “local family” wanted from us.  They supported us, and we supported them.  It’s time to do that online, too.  

We Decided to Make Shopping Online “Local”

For years we’ve heard, “If Bark Life sold their products online, we’d be happy to support our local store!”  The good news?  We’ve done just that by bringing the Bark Life shopping experience you love directly to you, so you can shop anytime–from anywhere, 24 hours a day!  It’s so cool.  We’re starting with our Seminole location and will be expanding to our St. Pete location in the coming months.

Since your continued support helps us take care of our family, we are returning the love with services like free local delivery and in-store pickup for yours.

This is local supporting local.   You gave us this amazing opportunity to do even more for you, our local family, and we can’t wait to have you try it!

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Much Love,

Mike, Tammy, Michael, and Erika


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