This is no ordinary doggie daycare!


For the safety of all of our members, all new Club Bark Life members are required to have all vaccines, including K9 influenza.  If your pup(s) do not come to daycare for 3+ consecutive months, we require another temperament test.  We cannot make exceptions to these rules.

Feel free to ask us for more information about this important policy.

Club Bark Life offers our members (your pups) interactive play with our BL Pack Leaders in a safe, small group environment. We don’t just put everyone in a big yard and watch. Our highly trained leaders engage with our members (aka your pups!). We play fetch, tug-a-rope, teach them how to play on our agility courses and then of course splash with them in one of our 4 awesome pools. Your pups will rotate between the indoor & outdoor park. We know rest time is also imperative so we make sure there is quiet time too. 


Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

2,000 sq. ft. climate controlled indoor park

Our climate controlled indoor park boasts over 2000 sqft of orthopedic rubber flooring for safe play for our members of all ages. The floors are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day using our state-of-the-art cleaning system that requires zero bacteria filled drains. We have play equipment, Jolly Balls and more for our members to exercise and play with.

3000+ Sq. ft. outdoor Park

The outdoor park is an amazing 3000+ sqft of beautiful artificial turf made just for pets. It’s soft and antimicrobial for safe and fun play. We have a beautiful canopy of trees shading the majority of the park but we saved the sunny section for our pools! Our bone and paw shaped pools are made for the largest and smallest of our members, did we mention we have 4?! There are also agility courses, climbing bridges, Jolly balls and more. Our members will have hammocks throughout the park for a little leisure time as well.    

  • Webcams in our indoor and outdoor parks are available exclusively to checked in members through our mobile app or online portal.
  • Revolving play/rest periods approximately every 45 minutes
  • Both indoor (climate controlled) and outdoor play time weather providing. Members who are sensitive to the hot climate such as all Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston terriers & more will only be outside for potty breaks and pool time for their own safety during our summer months
  • Pool Time up to 3pm (weather permitting) 
  • Fun, safe play and agility equipment on all parks
  • Fresh filtered water all day
  • Lounges are always available for when our guest want to chill 
Half Day
(4 Hours)
Full Day
(8 Hours)
(8-12 Hours)
10 Days: $238
10 Days: $323
10 Days: $361
Monthly Unlimited (up to12 hrs/day): $608/mo w/auto pay
10% off additional dogs from the same household.

come see us!

Bark Life is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  You’ll know there’s something special going on right when you walk into our new 14,000 sq. ft. facility.  This isn’t the beginning of a big box store.  It’s just the opposite.  We’ve added the services you’ve been asking for since the day we opened.

We can’t thank our loyal customers enough for believing in us and trusting us to provide better products for their pets.  Now, we’re “giving back” by providing additional services you can trust close to home.  Call to schedule a tour today!  727.399.3647


We can help you with your questions about the new Bark Life!