Spring is in the air, are your pets’ ready?


Spring is in the air! What does that mean you ask?

It means lots of walks, playing fetch, and swimming with your fur-babies. The sunny warm weather, glistening water, blooming flowers, and singing birds are so tempting, even cats start demanding time outside. Dog-with-mentor-on-sea-shoreAre you ready for the but? With warmer weather comes pollen, fleas, mosquitoes and some seasonal allergies for our dogs and cats. As a pet parent, you should prepare your pets’ for spring and all that it brings. Need help figuring out what you need to do? Here’s a checklist to help!

Vaccination: Make sure your pets are up to date on all vaccines. Schedule a vet checkup if needed. Don’t forget 2 very important things why you’re there, heartworm medication and the K9 flu shot. Why K9 flu? Well if you are taking any trips to the dog park or beach or maybe a vacation and need to board your pets, make sure they are as safe as possible. We at Bark Life and most reputable boarding facilities require it.


Flea & Tick: Spring is the time when fleas and ticks make a comeback.  Those bloodsuckers can carry harmful parasites, so be aware. While it’s a good idea to keep your pets on preventative medications all-year-round sometimes we don’t. There are Rx flea preventions but also some very good natural products too. Ask out Pet Experts for more information on both options

Grooming: Haircuts, nails trimmed, ears cleaned…you know the drill but what makes spring different? Warmer weather means lots of shedding, shedding, and more shedding! Our fur-babies blow their coats big time this time of year, although here in Florida the shedding is year-round. It’s not only a great time to schedule a professional grooming but get out the brush and start brushing daily to help with the hair dropping everywhere. Make sure your brush is in tip-top shape for the season ahead, if not, get a new one! Come see us @ Bark Life for Shampoos, Brushes, Combs and amazing Prof. cage-free grooming. Regular baths and brushing will help keep your home clean and your pets happy and healthy.

Spending quality time with your pets is the single best thing you can do for both of you, doing it outside is even better! Now grab a leash and go for a walk and enjoy this beautiful weather



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