Holiday Pet Health Dos & Don’ts

The holidays are a time of fun and cheer, and with a few precautions you
can keep your pets safe and out of the emergency room!

This time of year is one of my favorites! While the holidays are typically a happy and exciting time, it’s also the season for your pets to get into all types of trouble. You must be extra vigilant during this season when there are new sights, smells, sounds and things to play with. Here are tips to avoid common health dangers your pets face during this otherwise cheery season:

Don’t Feed Pets Table Scraps

Yes, the temptation is there but like us, pets can gain weight during the holidays. Keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule and avoid giving your pets table scraps, which can wreak havoc on their system, cause diarrhea, and vomiting…and too much fatty food can also cause pancreatitis. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. If you want a special treat for them, we can help you find a healthy one that won’t make them sick. Watch out for counter surfers and food thieves. If your pups or even cats want something, they find a way to get it. During the holidays, there are all kinds of delicious and toxic things hanging around the house. Chocolate, uncooked bread yeast dough, macadamia nuts, onions, Xylitol (watch out for chewing gum) and more can all cause big problems if your pet ingests them!

Dogs Love Presents Too, However

The tree isn’t always ideal. No matter how well a present is wrapped, pets can get into them. Wrapping paper, tape and ribbon are no match for a dog that catches the scent of a box of chocolates or some other tasty food that might be wrapped up. Leave those up in a closet or somewhere else until Santa brings them out…

Keep Tree Decorations Out of Reach

Tinsel, lights and ornaments are irresistible to pets…but they are all dangerous. Tinsel, if ingested, can cause intestinal blockage. Lights, when chewed, can burn or shock a pet, and ornaments, if they break, can cut a pet. They just think the balls on a tree are for fetch… Place these items out of reach or put a pup-proof barrier around your tree. Avoid bringing toxic plants in the house or anywhere pets may be. Holiday plants can be poisonous to pets, period! Opt for silk plants if you want them.

Provide a Safe Place

During the craziness of the holidays with people coming and going, parties etc. it’s a good idea to provide a safe “getaway” for your pet(s), far away from the noise, people and confusion. Even the most social pets like a safe space. This can be a room in your house where your pet won’t be disturbed but that has all of their favorite toys, a bed, food, water and a litter box for cats. If your pet is especially anxious around visitors, try CBD or boarding them for a few days to alleviate the stress on you both. Bark Life can help with both!

In conclusion, we want what you want. A safe and happy holiday season for all of our 2 & 4 legged friends. A HUGE THANK YOU to our amazing customers, we love each and every one of you.

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