Duke’s Favorite Home Away from Home

Boarding Stories are actual testimonials regarding daycare and boarding we think sum up our services from the customer’s point of view… your pet’s! ❤️

Our first boarding story features Duke.  Like many of the pets who have the opportunity to stay and play at Bark Life, Duke is always excited when he gets here.  His Dad, Ryan, tells us how he can barely wait to get out of the car as soon as they arrive in the parking lot.  This time, we were caught off guard when Ryan shared what happens *after* Duke gets home after staying at Bark Life.  We thought we’d share it and also the really nice testimonial he left for us.  Thanks Duke & Ryan!

Hi Mike,

First, I gotta tell you that as soon as Duke got home from his Bark Life stay, he got on the couch and went right to sleep!  I think adding daycare absolutely wiped him out…and he clearly loved it.  He went to “bed” around 3pm yesterday and didn’t get up to do anyting except eat and go outside once, and it’s 9:30AM and he’s still asleep on our bed 😂😂😂


We found Bark Life recently, and can’t imagine a better place to board our dog.  The staff is trustworthy, helpful, friendly, and you can tell they really care about the animals.  The boarding and day care facilities are amazing, and our dog actually likes going there to stay.  Sometimes I think it’s like a vacation for him too!  The retail shop has an amazing selection of top-notch products, is super clean and bright, and the knowledgeable staff can answer any question you have about anything.   If you are looking for the best, local, one-stop-shop for your pets needs, I highly recommend Bark Life.

Thanks –
Ryan D, Treasure Island

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