Do you ask yourself “How on earth do I choose the right pet food with so many choices?”

In the world of a thousand pet foods,  how on Earth do we choose? There’s always the traditional kibble or canned food–and maybe even that stuff we have all seen in the fridge at the grocery store,  UGH!  “Wait,” you think.  “My Vet said I should feed their food, is that the right choice?”  Let me start by saying there isn’t one answer for all–if only it were that easy!  What I want to help you with is thinking outside of the box.

The days of Kibbles & Puke or Purin… being the only game in town are OVER!  This is 2020!  We have so many options now that are healthier than ever before.  Here’s what I want you to think about: if you had to choose between eating a freshly cooked meal with fresh ingredients or powdered astronaut food, which would it be? Now, do you think your pets, like you, would prefer a meal with fresh ingredients or a compressed pile of kibble?  Don’t get me wrong, there are healthy kibbles out there, but fresh is always best!

Let’s start with cats. Did you know that most cats should be eating a 90% minimum protein diet? cat-eatingDid you know that dry food should never be the main diet of a cat? This is why our cats have urine crystals, diabetes, liver & kidney issues, plus they’re overweight! Believe it or not, a rat or mouse supplies 100% of what cats’ bodies need. They eat the meat and the bones and it’s a complete diet. No no no, I’m not saying feed your cats rodents, ewe….  What I am saying is, how much healthier and happy would our cats be if we fed them the way they were meant to eat? It’s not hard.  Read on!

Dogs. Who wouldn’t want to make our furry companions as happy and healthy as we can?  Do you think they want to eat over-processed food and treats every day for the rest of their lives? images-2.jpegNo, of course not. They, too, like our feline friends need fresh, healthy foods in their diets to ward off obesity, diabetes and more!

Here’s what I’m saying. Seek minimally processed foods. The more nutritional value, the better. Overly processed foods lose many of their nutrients, while those less processed keep important properties that benefit your pet and you.  For both cats and dogs, a frozen raw or freeze-dried diet is a great option to consider as it mirrors their ancestral diet and leads to gentler, more efficient digestion with a variety of other whole-body benefits. If you’re looking for a more convenient or economical option, consider a kibble that is baked at a lower temperature and still has some raw benefits.  fullsizeoutput_1827

I could go on and on, but we want your pets to  reap the benefits of alternative feeding, treating and supplementation. That’s why we’re offering our free Bark Life “Sip & Learn” seminars all January long, as well as incredible sales on alternative foods, treats and more. These are fun, informative events where you will learn, get answers to your questions, and even take home free stuff.  Plus, who doesn’t like free stuff paired with free wine and snacks?  Join us for Frozen Fest!

I want to take a second and thank you all for being such amazing supporters of Bark Life. From my family to yours, we wish you the happiest and healthiest year ever, Happy 2020! bark life-4597

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