Are Your Pets’ Ready to Be Left at Home Alone Yet Again?

Whether your dogs or cats are young or old, these tips will help ease its transition from quarantine to normalcy.

Have your pups and kitties gotten used to having you home? If all of a sudden, they go from everybody home all day to being gone all day it can lead to some serious behavior problems or even depression. Anything from accidents in the house, chewing, or not eating. Prepare them now! Here are a few tips


You and your family probably haven’t left the house for an extended period of time for Months. Start transitioning you and your pets now, Florida is opening up and you and they need to be ready. Leave safe treats on the ground and while your dogs are eating them, walk out the door. Don’t say goodbye (like most of us do) just leave. Come back in, in a couple of minutes. Next time leave for 10 minutes, go for a little walk or bike ride. Do this a couple of times a day extending the time you are gone each time. Go to the beach, go to eat at a local restaurant, etc. They need to be prepared to get back to normal.

If your dogs have been in daycare but haven’t been since you’ve been home, get them back! This is “their normal”. If they haven’t been to doggie daycare, try it! It can make life happier for them and you.

Make sure they are comfortable and feel safe, It’s storm season

Make sure your dog is left in a safe space that they are accustom to, no matter where that spot is, except for outside! Leave on a radio or TV even if you never have. Your pets are used to hearing you all day, don’t leave them in silence. This also helps with muffling the sound of thunder or even a garbage truck.

Are they still nervous? There are many aids to help with anxiety, most are 100% natural. CBD, Calming Supplements, Thundershirts, and more generally do the trick and are available at Bark Life Market or a Local Pet Store near you. If these things just aren’t working, you may need to seek your vet’s advice for a prescription.


Watch for Strange and Unusual Behavior

Yes, dogs and cats can have separation anxiety, how will you know? Here is what to look for…

  • Using the bathroom in the house
  • Excessively barking when you leave the house
  • Chewing up anything and everything
  • Peeing in the middle of your bed
  • Cling to you and follow you everywhere when you are home and start to panic when they think you are leaving

These are key clues that your pets have an anxiety disorder. Don’t punish them, they truly can’t help it, dogs will forget what they did anyway, so they won’t understand what they did wrong. Again, there are solutions available and it may take a little bit to find the perfect one for your pet(s). Consult us at Bark Life or your local pet store (not a big box store) for solutions.

Love Them

When you are home pay attention to them! Take them for a walk, early morning, or late in the day. Play ball or tug with them. Let them know you love them and when you get home, they know it’s love’n time. If you would like information on calming aids, interactive toys, doggie daycare, and more, please come see us or give us a call. All of us at Bark Life want you and your pets to be the happiest and healthiest you and they can be!

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