Bella & Rico’s Suite Week!

Boarding Stories are based on actual testimonials regarding daycare and boarding we think sum up our services from the customer’s point of view… your pet’s! ❤️

Our next boarding story features Bella & Rico. These two are frequent flyers at Club Bark Life Daycare and could not have been happier to have an extended vacation at their favorite place! Their parents love to ask them as soon as they arrive at Bark Life, “you want to go play with your friends?”  It becomes instantly clear that Bella & Rico agree and are in for a fun day of play as they rush for the door. This time, they got to spend a week in one of our Penthouses!  Bella & Rico were spoiled in this sweet suite with a live camera feed for their parents 24/7, a TV to offer some ambient background noise, and a queen sized bed to snuggle up in after a long day in daycare.

After daycare, these two enjoyed a well deserved midday nap and cuddles in their queen bed until it was time for an afternoon walk to go potty and sunbathe in the warm sunshine. After dinner and the last potty breaks of the day, Bella & Rico loved to settle down and snuggle up for bedtime. I would bet they dream about Bark Life even when they’re boarding at Bark Life! Although Rico & Bella were happy to be reunited with their parents at the end of their stay, they were already eager for their next vacation to be booked.

Check out these videos posted to our Facebook page highlighting Bella & Rico lounging around in queen bed during their stay!



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