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Fighting the Extra Fluff with Pet Daycare

Fighting the Extra Fluff with Pet Daycare

Added fluff may be more to love, but keeping our pets happy and healthy is no small matter. It's easy to skip your mid-morning walk or afternoon play date between the chaos of work days and the lazy, allure of Sundays. While your pet might love Netflix as much as you do, obesity poses a serious health risk to companion animals. An active, engaging daycare program can help your pet shed pounds while making new friends.

When Love Handles Become Extra Lovable

Spoiling our bestfriend is easy. Unfortunately, so is gaining pounds. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention found that 56% of dogs and 60% of cats are clinically obese. More than half of all companion animals are overweight. Added pounds can lead to a range of health risks from diabetes to pancreatic and cardiac problems to early arthritis.

Spotting the signs of obesity early on is key to managing your pet's weight with a healthful diet and an active lifestyle. A good rule of thumb for most animals is that you should be able to see the outline of their ribs and hip bones and feel these bones when petting them. An animal that is underweight may have obviously protruding bones, where as an overweight animal will have a round, barrel-shaped appearance. If you're unsure, check in with your vet to determine your pet's target weight.

Join the Pack!

Pack Life Doggie Daycare can turn your couch potato into a wolf! Living the Bark Life is anything but boring. Unlike kennel facilities, our program offers free roaming fun, supervised 24/7 by our caring, expert staff (and your pup's personal trainers). Dogs big and small will love running, playing, and swimming in either of our two puppy pools. A huge indoor, climate-controlled dog park is the perfect haven for your bestfriend during those long, winter days.

Don't forget about the cats. A private kitty village will dazzle your sleepy feline with toys galore, endless climbing, and, of course, no cages. Daycare is a great way to stimulate your pet mentally as well as physically.

Book today for a play date, overnight, or extended stay! And check out more great wellness tips from Bark Life with National Pet Wellness Month.