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Cage Free Grooming, Stress Free Pets

Cage Free Grooming, Stress Free Pets

Whoever said beauty was pain never enjoyed the Bark Life! With five luxury spa options tailored to fit your pet, our professional groomers are experts in doggy up-do's and kitty comb-overs. Our stylists know that the key to creating a pawsitive spa day experience is minimizing stress and cultivating a fun, calming environment. That's why our salons are always cage free. Our clients are our family and will never be placed in a cage or "Hot Box" to dry. We'll have your pet fluffed, pampered, and beautiful in under 2 hours!

The Importance of Regular Grooming

Routine grooming is especially important in the summer time. Regular trims help keep your pet cool and parasite free. Dogs with a dense undercoat need specific care to prevent over trimming of the protective coat layers, while other pups may be happy with a quick nail trim. Just like people, no two pets are alike. Our Big Kahuna treatment is ideal for all stylized breeds as well as cats, while The Sponger offers the perfect bi-weekly refresher. For short haired friends like pugs and bulldogs, The Pipeline offers a trim free experience. Heavy shedding treatments and ala carte services offer a range of options depending on your pet's needs.  

Why Go Cage Free?

It's an industry practice of many large, corporate groomers to cage animals either for space concerns or to manage the number of clients. "Hot Boxes" are commonly used to dry animals quickly while groomers work on other clients. These types of facilities are not only uncomfortable, but potentially dangerous to the health and well-being of your pet. "Hot Boxes" can cause overheating and extreme stress. Anxiety prone pets do not do well when kenneled. As a result, the fear many pets face when going to the groomer is associated with the high stress environment, not the grooming treatment itself.

We believe a spa day should be fun for everyone! That's why Bark Life offers boutique spa services at affordable prices. Individualized appointments guarantee that your furbaby is never left unattended or caged.

So whether your pet is more of a bow or a bandanna, each client leaves the Bark Life looking and feeling their best.